ACCME Criteria Review: Criterion 1—Mission Statements

Whether you are an accredited provider such as i3 Health or you are an educational partner working with an accredited provider, it's still important to understand the criteria that underly CME activities. Today starts a new periodic series of posts looking at what each criterion means in general and what it might mean for you. To quote a certain musical, let's start at the very beginning with Criterion 1 (C1): The provider has a CME mission statement that includes expected results articulated in...

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ACCME 2020 Online Meeting Learning Together How to Learn Apart

In May, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) held their Annual Meeting. Like many organizations, the ACCME had to rethink and restructure their annual conference due to COVID-19. Instead of their traditional live Chicago-based conference, the ACCME held a two-day virtual meeting. While the meeting was held live, posters, handouts, and recordings of selected sessions are available on the ACCME 2020 Online Meeting website, and additional information is on the ACCME 20...

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Closing Educational Gaps in CAR T-Cell Therapy

An emerging immunotherapy treatment, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy can be very effective in treating patients with B-cell malignancies. However, knowledge gaps exist over the role of CAR T-cell therapy in the management of these patients. In an effort to close these gaps, i3 Health provided an NCPD-approved online strategy session titled Understanding and Optimizing CAR T-Cell Therapy for Patients With B-Cell Malignancies. A total of 539 participants completed this activity, inc...

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What are Urologists' Favorite CME Formats?

The increased prevalence of technology in today's society has opened up numerous windows for alternative methods of continuing medical education (CME). However, according to a survey conducted by i3 Health at the 67th Society of Government Service Urologists (SGSU) Kimbrough Urological Seminar held in Charlotte, North Carolina, in January 2020, live meetings still remain the preferred CME format among urologists. Surveys were completed by 36 individuals, of whom 35 (97.2%) were physicians and ot...

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A Look Into the CME Crystal Ball

We had some thought-provoking conversations with our CME colleagues at Alliance 2020. As we reflect on our takeaways from the conference, there's one underlying question that makes us hopeful, perplexed, and excited all at the same time. Our team at i3 Health wants to know… What will the future landscape of the CME industry look like? Here are some of the trends that we've picked up on from the musings of the CME community at Alliance 2020: 1.  Increasing standards for outcomes Everyth...

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